Towmaster Supports Litchfield High School Graduates

Litchfield High School graduates

Seniors from Litchfield High School in Litchfield, MN are experiencing a different kind of graduation ceremony this year. Due to coronavirus, gathering for a traditional graduation ceremony was deemed too risky, but seniors, teachers and staff still found a way to celebrate the success of the graduating class, and wish them all the best as they step into adulthood. 

Local printing company, Ramsey Printing, organized a fundraiser to give back to the graduating class. They asked area businesses, including Towmaster, to donate to make a little swag bag for every graduating senior to let them know the community is rooting for them. Towmaster, alongside several other area businesses, donated funds to make the gift possible. 

Additionally, it’s a Litchfield tradition to have senior photos in the local paper. With the recent economic downturn, not every family was able to pay for their spread in the paper. Towmaster covered the cost of 15 seniors so they could join their classmates in the celebration of their graduation in the local paper. 

Despite not being able to participate in a traditional graduation, we hope that the Litchfield High School seniors feel supported by their community. Their drive-by graduation ceremony, though a little untraditional, still carried the same amount of spirit.  

The Towmaster team congratulates the graduating class, and through our donation and sponsorship, are proud to celebrate their accomplishments and usher them into the next stage of their young adulthood.