Air Ramps

Air ramps are controlled by an on-board air tank. Releasing air lowers the ramps and filling the actuators raises the ramps. This is an economical way to add automatic ramp lifts to your trailer. Air ramps are 6 ft. long with a 16-degree incline. This option may be added to deck-over trailers with a capacity of 20,000 lbs. or more, equipped with air brakes. 22′ main deck required for this option.

Available on air brake trailers only!


  • T-20
  • T-24
  • T-20LP
  • T-24LP
  • T-40
  • T-50
  • T-40LP
  • T-50LP
  • T-50RG
  • T-70RG

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Air brakes and a minimum of 22-foot deck required for this option.

Standard Features:

  • 5-ft. 14° beavertail
  • 6-ft. 16° hydraulic ramps
  • Air actuated
  • Choice of steel cleat or wood

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