Why Buy Towmaster?

We understand there are several choices when it comes to trailers. That’s why we’ve put together this page to give all the information you need to make a decision. Trailers should be an investment, well thought out not unlike any other major purchase decision. Look around the web and you’ll find that Towmaster provides much more detail about our products than many, if not all, of our competition. Each trailer web page is detailed with several images, specifications, and in some cases a video, to provide you with a lot of information. We’ll expand on some of that information here and tell you about some of the things you cannot see.

Filling a Need

Some manufacturers build on a claim that they offer hundreds of models of trailers. Truth is, they count every variation and option to arrive at that claim. At Towmaster, we know you just need the right trailer to haul your equipment. You don’t want to be confused with every little option.  We categorize our trailers in model families and within those families we offer different variations and capacities. If we wanted, we could also claim hundreds of models, but we like to keep things simple. Our dealers talk to you, find out your needs and offer recommendations based on those needs. If you need an option, we’ll add an option. If you need the basics, we’ll offer you the basics. We fill your need without all the confusion.

  • Drop-Deck: This family of trailers has a low stationary deck positioned between the wheels and utilizes ramps for loading.
  • Drop-Deck Tilt: The deck is positioned between the wheels and tilts for loading.
  • Deck-Over: The deck is positioned over the wheels and is stationary. Ramps are used to load.
  • Deck-Over Tilt: The deck is positioned over the wheels and tilts for loading.
  • Rigid Gooseneck: The deck is positioned over the wheels with a stationary gooseneck. Ramps are typically used for loading.
  • Hydraulic Tail: The deck is positioned over the wheels with a hydraulically operated tail section for loading.


Towmaster’s engineering department utilizes the latest in SolidWorks 3D CAD software with FEA tools to design a solid trailer. Not only do we use these software tools for new trailer and option designs, but we constantly review our previous designs looking for ways to improve them.


Towmaster is committed to offering quality trailers with specific features that contribute to the overall durability, safety, and usability of our trailers. These features add value and are either not found or offered as options on a lot of our competitor’s trailers. Not all features are found on all models.

  • One-Piece Cold-Formed I-Beam Main Frame: We don’t splice, weld, or cut the main frame of our trailers like some of the lower tier companies do. We feel our frame contributes to the overall integrity of our trailers.
  • Formed Integrated Hitch Plate: Most of our trailers have a one-piece formed hitch plate integrated into the frame.
  • Larger, Heavy-Duty Safety Chain: Towmaster doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. We use larger, heavier safety chains and hooks to assure strong attachment to the tow vehicle.
  • Bolt-on Parking Jack: We bolt on our parking jack to make it easier to repair or replace if necessary.
  • Integrated Tool Tray: A tray is integrated into the tongue portion of the frame and provides a place to put tools and chains while you’re using the equipment. On some models, an optional lid can be added.
  • Engager Battery Break-Away System: This system easily tells you that the battery is charged to activate the brakes should an emergency occur.
  • Jr I-Beam Crossmembers: Most of our trailers use a junior I-beam crossmember. This material offers the highest tensile strength coupled with a lighter weight and adds to the rigidity of a Towmaster built trailer.
  • Deck Materials: Most of our decks are made from durable white oak hardwood. Our economical trailers have treated pine lumber and some of our higher-end trailers use Apitong. Steel decks are used on our pan, pan tilt and hydraulic dump trailers.
  • Raised Decks: The wood decks on our trailers are raised above the side rails to prevent slippage and side rail damage.
  • Suspension: We use name-brand, warranty backed suspension components.
  • Heavy-Duty One-Piece Fenders and Inner Fender Panel: Our fenders are made with a single piece of heavy-gauge steel and are laser cut, formed and seam welded to prevent rust streaks from forming.
  • Self-Cleaning Angle Iron Beavertail: Our large trailers feature a self-cleaning beavertail made from heavy-duty angle iron that doubles as traction aid for both tracked and rubber wheel equipment.
  • Heavy-Duty Ramps: We only use heavy-duty steel ramps that are built to withstand repeated daily use.
  • Spring Assist Ramps: We offer springs to ease the ramps to the ground and help lift them off the ground which saves on back fatigue. Some deck-over trailers also include springs to help lift the ramps off the beavertail.
  • Auto-Latch Ramp Hold-ups: Some of our drop-deck models feature our patented Auto-Latch ramp hold-up system. This is a quick and secure way to stand the ramps in the transport position.
  • Modular Wiring: We use a sealed wiring harness that is modular so if one section goes bad, the customer can replace only that section.
  • Lights: Our T-Series brand line of trailers includes LED lights as standard equipment. The TE and TC-Series uses incandescent lights with LEDs available as an option.
  • Finish: Towmaster cleans all weld spatters and media blasts the most visible parts of our trailers for a professional appearance and top quality finish. We use a two-part polyurethane base coat and top coat for a glossy, tough finish. On some models, galvanizing is available.
  • Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty: Unsurpassed in the trailer industry, our frame warranty assures your customer that they are getting a quality product they can rely on many years down the road.
  • Resale Value: Towmaster trailers generally carry a higher resale value. This gives you more profit potential because you can feel comfortable taking a used Towmaster on trade.
  • Liability Insurance: Some trailer manufacturers don’t carry any product liability insurance. Towmaster does so you won’t be left high-and-dry should a problem arise.
  • NATM Member: We are a member of NATM, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, and our trailers are manufactured in compliance with NATM Guidelines.

These features add to the integrity of the Towmaster product and your customer will be satisfied by the low maintenance, minimal downtime, and durability of a Towmaster trailer.


Towmaster is so confident in our products that we offer a Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty on our trailers to the original owner. This warranty covers material and workmanship against the frame for a period of 5 years for trailers over 50,000 lb. capacity or 10 years for trailers up to 50,000 lb. capacity. In addition, we offer a full, non-prorated one year warranty on the entire trailer. Other original equipment warranties are available from their respective manufacturers. Our warranty is unsurpassed in the trailer industry and another reason your customers can be proud to own a Towmaster trailer.


Our trailer parts department carries a full line of parts, including brakes, axles, wheels and tires, fenders, lights, parking jacks, chains, safety equipment and more, to support all of our products.


Compare Towmaster trailers to any other trailer and you’ll find we offer more standard features and better build quality than most. Towmaster stands in the top-tier of trailer manufacturers, a position held by very few other trailer manufacturers.