Towmaster determines the GAWR and GVWR ratings of its trailers using the following determinations:

GAWR is determined by using the weakest link between the axle capacity rating and the combined wheel and tire rating.

GVWR is determined by taking a fleet average weight, plus payload capacity rating (as determined by the manufacturer).

Payload Capacity
Payload is determined by one of the following calculations:

If your state recognizes weight transfer to the tow vehicle transfer, then calculate payload with this formula:

  • GVWR – Trailer Weight = Payload Capacity

If your state ONLY recognizes GAWR or trailer capacity rating and does NOT recognize weight transfer to the tow vehicle to transfer load, then calculate using this formula:

  • GAWR OR Trailer capacity – Trailer Weight = Payload Capacity

Trailer weight can fluctuate depending upon dryness of the wood deck, options installed and deck length. The best way to get the actual weight of the trailer is to scale it. Our published weights and capacities are for reference only.