Towmaster Team Pivots to Create Emergency Equipment for Local Hospital

Towmaster pivots to create emergency hospital equipment

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has left hospitals around the country in dire need of lifesaving supplies. In Litchfield, Minnesota, the Meeker Memorial Hospital was facing a serious shortage of emergency supplies, including IV stands, due to the projected influx of COVID-19 patients. The hospital requested assistance from the community and local businesses to help address supply shortages. Towmaster heard their call and without hesitation agreed to pivot some of their operations to manufacture IV stands. 

The Towmaster team was able to apply their knowledge of steel fabrication and engineering expertise to quickly design and manufacture 50 metal IV stands and deliver them to the hospital within a matter of days. Each IV stand was carefully handcrafted, taking into consideration how these stands are used in the emergency room. 

In accordance with the mission of Monroe Truck Equipment and Towmaster, the team stepped up and filled a desperate need. Monroe Towmaster is dedicated to Moving Communities Forward. In normal circumstances this mission applies to the safe and reliable municipal truck equipment and trailers that Towmaster designs, manufactures, installs, and distributes. In this instance, the Towmaster team was able to quite literally keep the community safe by applying their expertise where it was needed most. This act is an extension of the company’s core values, and a way to give back to the incredibly hardworking medical professionals and protect the wellbeing of our community members.