The “Why” Behind Our Industry Leading Warranty

Towmaster offers some of the most comprehensive warranties in our industry. We stand by our products because they are expertly engineered and constructed by our experienced team with durable American-made parts. Our warranty is an extension of the confidence we have in all Towmaster equipment. Here’s what Towmaster customers can expect from their warranty:

Confidently Invest in the Vehicles and Equipment of Your Choice

We know that an equipment trailer is a big investment. But you know what else is a big investment? The equipment itself! When you make a major equipment purchase for your business, protecting that investment becomes a high priority. When we make our trailers, our biggest goal is to give our customers peace of mind. They don’t need to worry about a roadside breakdown, cumbersome loading or unloading or other situations that could compromise the usability or looks of their equipment. Our expert engineering and comprehensive warranty allows our customers to confidently invest in the equipment they need to grow their business.

Protect Against Major Repair Costs

Our warranties are designed to protect the integrity of each of our trailers. Our warranties cover repair costs to the trailer main frame which includes the frame, paint, crossmembers, gussets, beavertail, and tongue or gooseneck. Under this warranty, our obligation is to repair or replace, at no cost to the end user, any warrantable part proven defective either at our factory or at an Authorized Towmaster Dealer, during the warranty time frame. In addition to the parts we guarantee, we also work with our manufacturing partners to handle disposition of warranties on all other purchased components such as axles, suspensions, wheels, batteries, parking jacks and other purchased parts.

Reduce Your Stress DI4_5664

Business owners juggle so many tasks, projects, jobs and relationships that stress can bubble up at any time. We understand that users don’t want one more thing to worry about. Our powerful trailers, backed by our industry leading warranty, means business owners and end users can concentrate on the tasks at hand– not stress about getting your equipment to and from the work site safely.

Help Preserve The Value of Your Equipment

Yes, our warranty only covers our products. However, because of the trust that comes with our warranty and our expertly engineered trailers, the equipment you purchase for work is well protected during transport, preserving the value and usability of your skid steer, fork lift, backhoe, and any other equipment you use.

Assurance In Case of Manufacturing Defect

In the very rare case that a trailer comes off the line with a manufacturing defect, our warranty protects the end user for any replacements or repairs that need to be made. Even if for some reason, the end user does not submit the warranty registration, they are still covered for a limited time. Our Limited One-Year Warranty will start from the date of shipment to the original dealer and the Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty lasts up to three years from the date of manufacture.

High Savings Over Time DI4_5724

Our trailers can last through decades of rigorous use. In fact, we have trailers that are over thirty years old that are still being used and sold through the resell market. What this means for our customers is that once you invest in a Towmaster Trailer, you can trust that you won’t need to worry about a replacement– sometimes through the entirety of your career.  In addition to our expert engineering, our warranty ensures that your trailer can stay in tip top condition for little to no additional cost for you.

We Invest in Your Success

We know that in order to build a product that will last, you can’t cut corners. Towmaster provides a warranty and service package that is untouched by others in the marketplace. We proudly stand by all of our products.

We are committed to providing the most revered and best built trailers in the country. Towmaster uses only American steel and quality components. The steel is cut and shaped with precision for easy fitment and repeatability, so whether the Towmaster trailer you buy is first off the line or last off the line, it’s always the same carefully constructed, high-value trailer.

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