Towmaster Supports Community Through Blood Drive

Towmaster blood drive story

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Towmaster team has found ways to extend support for the Litchfield community at large. Continuing on that path, on December 8th, Towmaster hosted a community blood drive in support of the American Red Cross. The blood drive was open for the entire Litchfield community, as well as Towmaster employees. Together, over 40 people signed up and donated blood in support of this cause. 

American Red Cross is in High Need  

The American Red Cross has an ongoing need for blood and platelet donations. This year, in light of uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, many people who would normally donate on a regular basis have not kept their appointments. The American Red Cross provides about 40% of the country’s blood and blood components from volunteers. A single pint of blood can be used to save up to 3 peoples lives. 

By supporting the Red Cross, Towmaster does their part in bolstering the local blood bank reserves that can be used to save the lives of Litchfield community members. Donations will be used for a number of lifesaving treatments including surgeries, cancer treatments, chronic illness and traumatic injuries. 

Further Opportunities To Give 

With this blood donation, two main imperatives were addressed. The first, and most important, was to build a local blood reserve through the American Red Cross. The second was to provide community and team members more information about COVID-19 antibodies through testing. 

The American Red Cross is testing all donations for antibodies. This blood drive gave Towmaster team members and local Litchfield residents information about their antibodies. Those who have the antibodies were encouraged to go back to the American Red Cross for plasma donations, and to continue to donate throughout the pandemic. Information suggests that convalescent plasma could help some coronavirus patients recover faster and more effectively–especially those who are seriously ill.

Future Donations

Due to the success of this Blood Drive, the Towmaster team is planning on continuing to offer these events in the future. Over 40 people donated blood and of that 5 were first time donors. 

“We’re grateful to have had such a successful blood drive, especially given that it was our first one,” said Tonya Fuller, Human Resources Manager at Towmaster Trailers. “The Red Cross was really grateful for the turnout, and we had a lot of people from the community sign up. We look forward to hosting more blood drives in the future.”