How Towmaster Helps Rental Agencies Invest in a Quality Trailer

Across the country, contracting professionals rely on renting trucks, trailers, and equipment to complete jobs that are outside their normal scope of work.

Rental companies are responsible for finding and maintaining a large variety of trailers, trucks, and other equipment that help their customers complete their projects with ease.

As we enter landscaping season, the experts at Towmaster Trailers put together a guide for rental companies on how to identify trailers that offer long-term ROI and durability, despite rigorous use.

Rental Trailers Go Through Demanding Work

Not all people who rent trailers, trucks or other equipment take care of it as they would their own. Consequently rented trailers go through a lot of heavy use without necessarily the same concern or care as an owned trailer or piece of equipment.

As a rental company, you are responsible for maintaining rental units, regardless of how they are used or treated from project to project. When looking for a trailer to purchase and rent out, durability and reliability are that much more important as these trailers have to last through rigorous task after rigorous task without compromising dependability.

Towmaster Trailers are built for demanding work. They last through extensive use, ensuring long-term ROI for rental agencies.

Ensure Your Rental Is Up To Task

Landscapers tend to rely on two specific types of trailers: dump and utility trailers.

Dump trailers are excellent for landscaping projects because they can move volumes of bricks, dirt, debris, and even small equipment when needed. A utility trailer is a great option for most landscaping projects.

Utility trailers can be used to haul lawn care and power equipment, haul supplies like hardscaping pavers and bricks and move bags of grass clippings, branches, or other landscaping material and debris.

When looking for a dump or utility trailer that offers high ROI and lasting durability, look for features like:

  • High gauge steel floor
  • Minimal amount of seams in the trailer bed
  • Smart charging system that indicates how much life is left in the battery
  • Dump trailer ramps for easy maneuvering and access
  • Safety feature module that confirms the circuit is reaching the trailer brakes
  • Handheld remote for dumping to ease operation and keep users safe
  • Scissor hoist system to provide durability during dumping and minimal sways
  • Rolling tarp
  • Electric or Hydraulic surge free-backing brakes that allow for reversing without the trailer locking
  • LED lights for visibility
  • Protected wiring systems
  • High-quality paint finish
  • A manufacturer that stands behind their product and service

When we work with rental agencies, we recommend investing in the Towmaster T-10HD dump trailer and T-10DT as a utility trailer. Both options are versatile for most tasks that customers need to complete. Their durability and resilience offer rental centers long-term value for their purchase.

Partners vs. Vendors

Because rental businesses have a unique position in the market, a simple one-time interaction with a vendor likely won’t meet their needs. Partnerships between manufacturers and rental companies are important to foster to keep communication clear and open, to collaborate on how to best meet the goals of your business and customers, and much more.

Make sure when you’re investing in a new trailer or work truck for your rental company, that the manufacturer is willing to invest their time in you and your success.

What’s Your Warranty

Because rented trailers go through dozens of different users a year, a strong and comprehensive warranty becomes all the more important. When investing in a new trailer for your rental company, compare warranties to ensure you’re well covered so you don’t end up spending more on work orders and repairs than necessary.  Towmaster offers a 5-year warranty on dump trailer frames and a 10-year warranty on utility trailer frames.

Building the Best

Towmaster Trailers partners with rental companies across the country to provide resilient, versatile trailers that offer long-term ROI, even through rigorous rental usage.

If you want to know more about how to make equipment investments that will last for years, reach out to the Towmaster Trailers team today.