Maintain Your Rental Trailer Fleet With Tips From The Trailer Pros

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We’re entering into the thick of landscaping season, and professionals across the country rely on renting trailers, trucks or other equipment to complete projects and streamline their operations. We know that not every customer treats their rental as they would their own equipment– consequently, rented trailers go through a lot of heavy use. 

Rental companies are responsible for maintaining rental units, regardless of how they are used or treated from project to project. Regular maintenance and upkeep will help to prolong the life of your trailers, keeping your rental business profitable and trustworthy. Towmaster Trailers are designed to last through extensive use, ensuring long-term ROI for rental agencies. Our team of trailer experts are sharing their tips on how to maintain your rental trailer to better support your bottom line. 

Check In On Your Tires 

Any rental agency knows that trailer tires can get really beat up over time. Maintaining the health of your tires is both a safety and financial measure. Inflating the tires according to manufacturer’s settings, replacing tires when the tread is too worn (general recommendation is a tire’s tread needs to be at least 2/32” deep), and repair flats or holes that the trailer’s tires may have endured during use. While you’re down there, check for sidewall damage or irregular tread wear. Even the simple act of keeping your tires properly inflated can go a long way in keeping your customer’s safe and minimizing replacement costs. 

Check Lights

In just a few minutes you can check if your trailer’s lights and wiring are still working as they should. While tedious, turning on and off every individual light can help quickly identify if a lightbulb needs replacing. Beyond a burnt bulb, this process can also help determine if your wiring may be malfunctioning. Grab a trailer wiring tester to use in the vehicle socket. The indicator should be able to diagnose if there is an issue in your electric current and identify where the short may be. Perform any necessary wire swaps.  

Brake Check

Performing a quick brake check can go a long way in protecting your customers and saving you from stress and costly repairs and other costs if your trailer brakes were to malperform on the road. Most trailers have two brakes per axle, so in a tandem axle trailer, you need to check four brake systems. Luckily, your brake box can help you identify if there are any immediate issues with your brake systems. Most brake boxes have an indicator light or slide bar (0-10) that numerically represents acceleration and deceleration that help you determine what may be going on with your brakes. Check your manual for how to test on your specific model, then compare them to the numbers that represent a healthy brake system to ensure you’re still good to go. 

Ride Around the Block

After a trailer is returned, do a quick drive to see if there are any strange occurrences that may be a sign of an issue in your trailer. A drive can help you identify if there may be a problem with the suspension or axles, any clicking/grinding/unusual noises that may indicate a component failure or need of lubrication. This will also give you an opportunity to check in on the hitches and ramps to ensure they are not loose and functioning as need be. This is also a great opportunity to note anything that may need to be addressed in the future, but is not an immediate need. 

Give it a Good Scrub

Nothing can beat a good first impression. Cleaning your trailer in between rentals will keep your trailer looking good and prevent the accumulation of dirt, stones or other debris that can make your trailer look too worn. While cleaning the exterior, you can note if there are any areas of rust that you can polish up, especially in tighter areas like around the hitch. Spending even ten minutes cleaning up the trailer will help keep your fleet in great condition from use to use.  

Maintain Yearly Maintenance Schedule

These are quick maintenance tips to help you maintain your trailers in between rentals, and does not negate the need to keep up on regular and preventative maintenance.  Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule throughout the seasons will maximize the ROI of your entire fleet and keep you profitable and operational for years to come. 

Partner with The Best

Towmaster Trailers partners with rental companies across the country to provide resilient, versatile trailers that offer long-term ROI, even through rigorous rental usage. If you want to know more about how to make equipment investments that will last for years, reach out to the Towmaster Trailers team today.