Towmaster Truck Finds Ideal Customer Solution

Towmaster Truck Equipment recently secured an order for another 10 Tandem Hook Lift Plow trucks for our customers in St. Louis County, MN. The county stretches from the Canadian border south to Duluth and is responsible for maintaining nearly 3,500 miles of roadway. Because of the size of the area, and the location of the county in the upper midwest, St. Louis County has to find safe, efficient and long lasting truck solutions that can out last several winters.

The area’s current policy requires that during each snow event they must cover well over 6,700 lane miles in an 8 hour period. That huge responsibility takes many pieces of equipment to accomplish. With the environment of the MN Northland, the equipment must be highly reliable as well.

Towmaster has enjoyed a solid relationship with St. Louis County for several years now. We were honored to build all their H.D. Snowplow Trucks since 2012, along with several other 1-ton, mechanic, and truck-tractor units. Each year has involved several units, ranging from common dump/plow truck configurations to multiple body/multiple use (Hooklift Hoist) configurations most recently.

St. Louis County has decided to incorporate more technologies, such as Pre-Wetting,
Anti-Ice, and Dust Control systems. St. Louis County has also provided a robust testing
ground for Lighting, Camera, and AVL/MRM systems – proving the reliability of the products supplied by Towmaster on their trucks.

Their newest builds will be some of the highest spec’d units ever built here. These units will boast Towmaster 15’ EDGE-RC dump bodies, with features including Swaploader SL-400 hoists, Falls Plows, Scrapers, Wings, & Sanders, Force America Ultra-6100 controls & Hydraulic System, and more, along with all the value added services that Towmaster Truck Equipment rolls into each upfit that goes out our doors.

These will be well suited to utilize multiple bodies (Flatbeds, Dumpsters, Tankers, etc.) that exist in the current fleet, as well as future implements that the County plans to purchase.

Towmaster’s pride runs deep at St. Louis County, and we are thrilled to be their preferred supplier of truck equipment and services. Kudos to all the teams that have a part in the success of St. Louis County’s maintenance fleet production.