Towmaster Trailers Joins Community Members in Local Vehicle Fair

Towmaster was excited to participate in the Litchfield School District’s Early Childhood Education Program’s Vehicle Fair. The District put on the fair so students and families alike could see and engage with vehicles used in their community every day.

The fair took place on May 25th and was a way to celebrate the end of a school year that required a lot of pivoting and hard work from children of all ages. Community members from across the region brought in their unique vehicles so the preschoolers were able to interact with the different modes of transportation that operate in and assist their community.

The Towmaster team was asked to bring some trailers to the Vehicle Fair to demonstrate how someone could use them to haul equipment, tools, and debris from landscaping or construction projects. The Towmaster team also brought a plow truck, so young students could better understand how those vehicles clear streets and keep their communities safe.

Other vehicles that participated in the event include tractors, police cars, cranes, semi-trailers, payloaders, an ambulance, Bobcats and even a Monster Truck! The children and their families were able to climb in the vehicles, interact with the controls and even toot the horns!

The Towmaster team was happy to be able to participate in such a fun event for the children in the local Litchfield school district. It was a cherished opportunity to bring the community together for some excitement and education.