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Why Towmaster?


We understand that purchasing a trailer is a big investment. The Towmaster team wants to make sure you’re getting the best equipment, specified to your needs.

For years Towmaster has led our industry in providing safe and durable equipment for customers, even when it means more time or effort during production. Towmaster is the leader in cold forming, a process that creates structures without using heat.

Our main frame and I-beams are manufactured using cold forming technology, eliminating the risk of material degradation through heat. This means they are less likely to stress or break over time.

When our competition says it’s “built like Towmaster,” this is the process they are replicating. We have always taken the time and effort needed to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.

When it comes to customer service, we have our customer’s long term success in mind. Our dealers talk to each customer, understand their needs, budget, and goals, then make a recommendation based on their understanding.

Choosing a Trailer

At every level, our trailers provide the highest quality standard option. If you need an option, we expertly customize your trailer exactly to your business needs. Our range of standard trailer types offer solutions for nearly all professional hauling application:

Expertly Engineered

Towmaster’s engineering department utilizes the latest in SolidWorks 3D CAD software with FEA tools to design a solid trailer. Not only do we use these software tools for new trailer and option designs, but we constantly review our previous designs for opportunities to innovate, and lead the industry with top-performing trailers.

Valuable Features

In addition to our advanced standard features, we offer a variety of upfitting options that add value to your trailer.

  • Auto-Latch Ramp Hold Ups: our patented Auto-Latch ramp hold-up system is a quick, safe, and easy way to stand the ramps in the transport position, saving time and effort.
  • Finish: we use a two-part polyurethane base coat and top coat for a glossy, tough finish. Galvanizing is available on select models.
  • Modular Wiring: We use a sealed wiring harness that is modular, so if one section experiences failure, it won’t affect the rest of the wiring. This system also seals out the elements, ensuring electrical stays safe.
  • Fender: A one-piece cold formed fender eliminates the possibility of rust in the inner panel, compared to traditionally welded inner panels.

Our team will help you figure out the features and add ons you need to make the most out of your investment.

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The Towmaster Advantage

Towmaster has an engineering team and professional craftsmen that are designing, cutting parts, welding and fabricating using the most resilient American-made materials.

We build our trailers to withstand years of rigorous use for professionals who use their equipment day in and day out. Through the decades, we have earned our place in our market, and are proud to make America’s Best Built Trailers.

High Grade Steel 

  • Heavy-duty frame and structural materials
  • Thick steel 
  • Use stronger I-beam for frames instead of channel or angle-iron


  • Torsion design suspension – just on drop decks (big selling point) 
  • Offers smooth ride
  • Easy to pull 
  • Virtually no maintenance 
  • Included in design, not an upcharge

Frame Design

  • Resilient frame design with more steel
  • More crossmembers for stronger construction
  • Higher level of safety 

American Made 

  • Built using American materials
  • Designed, engineered, fabricated and finished right here in Litchfield, MN
  • Provides stable careers for nearly 200 residents
  • 55 different trailer models, an option for everyone