Towmaster Delivers Custom Co-branded Fleet and Trailer Package for National Dealer

Ring Power is one of the country’s biggest Cat® work trucks and equipment dealers and has been operating in North and Central Florida for over 55 years. Ring Power and Towmaster have been partnered since 2013, collaborating to provide the end-user customer with work-ready trailers that will last through years of rigorous use.

The Value of Partnership 

Our collaboration with Ring Power works because we are both dedicated to open communication, and being straightforward and honest with one another. Our partnership is a genuine success story, as we both provide end users with exceptional products and after-sales support.

Collaboration to Design a Custom Fleet Package

One of the greatest advantages of these two teams working together is their focus on solutions. Always a few steps ahead, the two teams can collaborate to provide each other and the end user a solution that addresses their core concerns, and will stay in great shape project to project, year to year. 

When Ring Power first visited the Towmaster factory for a tour, they were having stresses properly scaling their Cat® 349 Excavators on their competitors fleet of trailers. The Towmaster engineering team worked for hours alongside the Ring Power team to  custom engineered a trailer solution to help Ring power gain competitive advantage in a key market segment and properly scale these machines with no issue. This custom fleet package is easy for their team to sell and increases sales for both companies. 

Towmaster and Ring Power worked together to develop co-branded packaged products to help them both sell more. Because dealerships have the added responsibility of marketing to customers and well as deeply understanding their needs and providing the right solution, Towmaster has always offered their dealership customers the opportunity to co-brand and market their products together, reaching more potential customers and adding additional value. 

Commitment to Providing The Best Product and Service

As a partner, Towmaster is able to provide a wide range of products, from small Skid Steer Trailers all the way to large 60-ton Detachable Gooseneck Trailers. Backed by a variety of powerful Towmaster trailers, Ring Power is able to focus on customer service, understanding the exact needs of their customers and providing the equipment they need to fit their needs. If there are any customers with very specific needs or requirements, we are always available to assist in discussion with the end user to ensure the customer is getting the trailer they need to address their needs. 

Ring Power and Towmaster collaborated to design an entire fleet of trucks that integrate both of our products. The result was a custom fleet solution that pulls Towmaster Detachable Gooseneck Trailers and Hydraulic Tail Trailers. Ring Power also has several municipal contracts where they use Towmaster trailers to provide the best possible work truck equipment solution for government contracts. 

Building Inventory to Deliver Quickly

The Ring Power team does an incredible job of keeping trailers in inventory and available so that no customer has to wait for their trailer to be built. Their team inventories our trailers for the Compact Equipment market. When a customer purchases a compact machine and then realizes they need a trailer, Ring Power generally has an available trailer option for them.

Moving Forward 

Teamwork has helped this partnership grow to what it is today. Backed by a shared mission to provide the best in trailer and truck equipment solutions for their end users, Towmaster and Ring Power have been able to create a reciprocal partnership that benefits both of their teams, and provides unmatched support for their customers.