May 11, 2017

Employment Opportunity – Fabricator 2nd Shift

Job ID: 9374350
Job Location: Towmaster Inc.
61381 US Hwy 12
Litchfield, MN 55355
How to Apply: Mail: Lori Nelson
61381 US Hwy 12
Litchfield, MN 55355

Phone: Lori Nelson
(320) 593-4559

Fax: Lori Nelson
(320) 693-7921



In Person: Lori Nelson
61381 US Hwy 12
Litchfield, MN 55355

Job Title: Fabricator
Work Type: Work Days:  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  Work Vary: No , Shift: Second(Evening), Hours Per Week: 40, Work Type: Regular
Salary Offered: $17.70 – $22.95 Hourly
Benefits: 401(k) or other retirement
Physical Required: No
Drug Testing Required: Yes
Education Required: High School Diploma/GED
Special License/  
Certification Required: Unspecified
Experience Required: 6 Months
Required Skills: Must be able to cope with Minnesota climates; endure heat and cold conditions in the shop.  Heavy work loads and high noise levels are normal.
Preferred Skills: Knowledge and experience operating fabrication machinery.  Ability to measure accurately.  Interpret blue print markings and symbols.  Ability to lift and maneuver heavy objects and do repetitive tasks.
Driver’s License: Unspecified
Endorsement(s): Unspecified
Job Description: Produces truck and trailer parts for the manufacturing of construction trailers and trucks. Operates overhead hoist or cranes, uses magnets to move metal sheets and bars into position.  Uses multiple fabricating machines and hand tools appropriate for the job.  Shears, forms and punches sheet metal.  Operates saws and benders.  Reads and interprets blue prints.