Towmaster determines the GAWR and GVWR ratings of its trailers using the following determinations:

GAWR is determined by using the weakest link between the axle capacity rating and the combined wheel and tire rating.

GVWR is determined by taking a fleet average weight, plus payload capacity rating (as determined by the manufacturer).

Payload Capacity
Payload is determined by one of the following calculations:

If your state recognizes weight transfer to the tow vehicle transfer, then calculate payload with this formula:

  • GVWR – Trailer Weight = Payload Capacity

If your state ONLY recognizes GAWR or trailer capacity rating and does NOT recognize weight transfer to the tow vehicle to transfer load, then calculate using this formula:

  • GAWR OR Trailer capacity – Trailer Weight = Payload Capacity

Trailer weight can fluctuate depending upon dryness of the wood deck, options installed and deck length. The best way to get the actual weight of the trailer is to scale it. Our published weights and capacities are for reference only.

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What our customers say…

We have owned several Towmaster T-12 trailers along with trailers from other manufacturers and nothing compares to the quality, longevity, or value we receive from Towmaster. To us, Towmaster has come to mean quality as usual.

Troy Hilsgen , Kimball, MN

As Fleet Manager of Rocky Mountain Contractor, I have the option of purchasing just about any trailer on the market. We currently have ten different manufacture's trailers in our fleet. We have come to the realization that we get more bang for the buck with Towmaster trailers. Keep up the quality!

"BC" Caffyn , Helena, MT

We own several Towmaster trailers. They are very durable and can definitely handle the heavy working conditions we have in Wyoming. Our trailers spend a lot of time on the road hauling trenchers and excavators to oil and gas fields. The Towmaster trailers are built to last. We would highly recommend them and are a very satisfied customer.

Daryl O. , Gillette, WY

We have two galvanized Towmaster trailers, a dump trailer and a skid-loader trailer. We believe these trailers to be the best on the market. We've owned several other brands of trailers and Towmaster is the best value for any tag trailer.

Wilfred K. , Inver Grove Heights, MN

Q3 Contracting is a utility contractor located in the Midwest with operations located throughout the U.S. We currently operate over 300 Towmaster trailers in our fleet. The main reason we continue to own and operate the Towmaster trailers is the fact that they are built to last. With this many units we cannot afford to be broke down and should you need assistance with sales or service, they are there to take care of you. We would recommend their trailers to anyone looking for a superior piece of equipment.

Keith Y. , Q3 Contracting-Little Canada, MN

Stylish performance and easy operation are two things I like about this trailer. Smooth ride loaded and unloaded. Great people to deal with at factory.

John B. , Sioux Falls, SD

I have been pulling the Towmaster trailers since 2004. I am currently pulling a 2011 T-110DTG 55 ton. I would compare these trailers easily against any trailer on the market. They pull straight and true always. They are operator friendly to work with and very well made. The craftsmanship is as good as any and maybe better than some. In my location and job that I do I would rather pull the Towmaster than any other out there. It is a very good trailer.

TJ Donica

I have had Towmaster trailers for approximately 10 years. To me they are the best trailers I have bought for my business. I like the fact they tow nicely and do not sway. Parts are easily available from local supply stores or dealers. I plan on buying more in the future to add to the four I currently have.

Todd B. , New Hampshire

We have owned Towmaster trailers since 1997. They are great trailers and serve our landscaping business well. We still own a 1997 T-10 drop-deck trailer and it is still used today to haul skid steers and mini-excavators. We couldn't be happier with our Towmasters. We love them!

Thomas G. , New Hampshire

We've been buying Towmaster trailers for years and love them!

John C. , Massachusetts